IMG_1171For as long as she can remember, Laney has been having “future flashes”—visions of the future that she sees when she makes physical contact with another person. Left on a doorstep as a baby, Laney’s past has always been cloudy to her, despite the clarity with which she can see the future. Her caretaker, Walt, claims to be her father, but Laney has a nagging suspicion that he isn’t quite telling her the entire truth. And when a new kid, Lyle, moves to her small town, Laney is dreading meeting him—she almost always gets a future flash when first meeting someone new, and the flashes aren’t always good. Unfortunately, her meeting with Lyle isn’t just bad; it’s painful. Engulfed in flames, Lyle’s future flash is the worst Laney’s ever experienced. But what does it mean? Is there anything Laney can do to change the future? And will she be able to save Lyle not only from a fiery death but also from the merciless class bully without becoming a victim of his antics herself? Follow Laney as she works against the clock to understand her past and prevent the disaster looming in the future.

“A stay-up-till-you-finish-it page turner that packs a powerful message about loss, love, and truth.” – Claudia Mills, author of over 50 books for young readers, including KELSEY GREEN, READING QUEEN and ZERO TOLERANCE

“Laney Magee has the unwelcome ability to see frightening events in the future, but the spunk and determination to face them head on if it means keeping her family and friends safe. A masterful combination of believable characters and nail-biting suspense will propel even a reluctant reader right to the end of this wonderful book.” — Jeannie Mobley, author of KATERINA’S WISH

“FUTURE FLASH is a twisty thriller that will keep readers young and old alike flipping pages way past their bedtime. I know I couldn’t put it down.” – Adam Jay Epstein, author of THE FAMILIARS and STARBOUNDERS series

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Ten-year-old Francie is looking forward to spending the summer at home in Los Angeles as she always does, hanging out at the ice cream shop and at her best friend’s pool. When her mother drops the news that Francie will instead be spending the summer with her estranged grandmother in a remote mountain town in Colorado, Francie is crushed. Even worse, once she arrives, she begins to suspect that her grandmother is actually a witch. And why is a mountain lion following her? Will Francie survive the summer?



Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 4.16.01 PMMeet Cecily, a periodical cicada whose patience is tested as she waits underground for seventeen years. To pass the time, she tries everything from throwing pots to throwing a fit. Then her big day finally arrives. Join Cecily as she takes in the “sounds and the smells of springtime delights” and flies for the first time. Perfect for the 2014 Iowa cicada invasion!


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